BCTGM RTEC Master Contract Information


The Master Contract between the Kellogg Company and the four BCTGM Local Unions in Battle Creek MI, Lancaster PA, Memphis TN, and Omaha NE, will be expiring on October 5th, 2021. 

The goal of the BCTGM negotiating committee is to obtain a fair contract that provides a living wage and good benefits for our brother’s and sister’s families by bargaining in good faith with the Kellogg Company’s leadership.


Check the website often as updates from the negotiations will be posted here when the information becomes available.

401k Loan Update 10/18/21

Brothers and Sisters,

Here is an update on your 401k loan if you currently have one. Fidelity confirmed we are on a leave of absence. Therefore, that part of our plan is exempt from delinquency. When we return, the amount owed will remain the same as will the time frame to repay it.

Since you do not need to pay on your loan while we are on strike, the payment upon returning to work will be higher than when we left. To avoid those higher payments, you can choose to continue payments on your loan through the monthly recurring payment signup.

If you have any questions, call your local union office.

Thank you.

-The Negotiation Committee

Common Questions 10/15/2021

Brothers and Sisters,

We wanted to give an update on a few items as we are getting similar questions at each plant.

First on Healthcare.  The company has shut off insurance back dated to October 4th.

On 401k loans. The company is illegally changing the terms of our loans. If you have a loan on your 401k, you need to sign into fidelity and check into your loan. If they have raised your payment amounts, please get the documentation to your leaders so that we may add them to the charges filed.

Lastly, on has the company reached out. No they haven’t, and to be honest, at this time they won’t. Keep in perspective the amount of money they are willing to spend to break us. They are going to want us to go a few weeks without a check to see if our resolve will hold. Just like they thought we would not strike to begin with, they think we will give in before they do. As we all know, that’s not the case at all, and we will stay out one day longer than they are willing to keep this up. Shelves are running empty and production in the plants isn’t going like they planned either.

Management is quitting on them, others are looking elsewhere.

Keep doing what you’re doing. We are winning this fight and becoming a national story that will begin to empower others.

The movement is beginning and each of you are the main role players in our imminent victory.

-The Negotiation Committee

Strike Permission Vote

Brothers and sisters,

The strike permission vote overwhelmingly passed!

Now we stand united, we stand strong and we fight!

In Solidarity,

-The Negotiation Committee

Union Response To Company Posting

October 1, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

The offer that the company posted on the bulletin boards has never been presented to the negotiating committee. The company is directly bargaining with union members, which is the basis for labor charges. They are trying to sway your vote not to go on strike.

From what we’ve been sent by our members, we are going to elaborate on some of the key points people might not be aware of.

  • COLA would be folded in, then eliminated going forward. With a 4 year contract and average of 2500 hours a year, you would lose out on roughly $18,000.
  • Transitionals would be a permanent position. There would be no path to 100/0 healthcare, a pension or capped retiree healthcare. If you have not crossed over to regular fulltime at the time of this current contract expiration, you would never get to what the company calls “Group A” status.
  • (d) would only be allowed at 4-week allotments and only 1 time per the duration of the contract (4 years)
  • FMLA- 2 weeks of vacation would be used for intermittent leave, so if you have 2 weeks of vacation or less, and have a chronic issue, you would be forced to take vacation time, robbing you of your paid time off.
  • Holiday pay- this would make you work the last scheduled shift before and after the holiday for holiday pay
  • The company would like to remove the Union Logo from its products. This would make it easier to move product to non-union locations. It is also a sign of disrespect


The company stated that, on October 1, 2021, the company provided their comprehensive offer for settlement to the union. This is completely FALSE. This was never presented to the negotiating committee. The union negotiating committee is still here and willing to bargain in good faith, the company has sent the majority of their committee home.

This is a concessionary contract to all present and future members of Kellogg’s. We know there is more on the table, we need the membership to authorize strike permission to show the company that we are not willing to accept a concessionary offer to present and future members.

We ask that anyone with questions or anyone needing clarification on any of the talking points above or that haven’t been mentioned here, hold your vote until Monday and ask the committee members at our meeting.

In Solidarity,

The Negotiating Committee

Contract Negotiations October 1, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

Today we gave the company the 48-hour notice on our intent to strike. It is imperative that everyone come out Monday and cast their ballot for the strike permission vote!

It is time that we show how united we are, the fight is here!

-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 30, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

It’s time to put our plan in motion!

Stay strong, stay united, the time to fight is approaching!

-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 29, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

Today the company came in with absolutely no movement. The company clearly stated that the workers are unwilling to fight as they continue to talk about plant closures, concessions and takeaways. We are here so that we all have the same rate of pay, benefits and a pension. Do not be mistaken, this fight is for everyone!

The company said as it pertains to our members:

“They haven’t earned it until we sign it saying they have.”

Monday, October 4, 2021, we will be taking a strike permission vote at each plant. We need everyone to come out and cast their ballot!

As always, stay strong, stay united and get ready to fight!


-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 28, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

Ended negotiations at 5pm today. During these past days the company has made it clear they want to create a permanent two-tier system where there is no path to full benefits and pension. Furthermore, the company believes that the time of 100% healthcare and a pension no longer exists, nor is it obtainable. This is why the company continues pushing for the elimination of COLA and no more fully benefitted employees in the future. The company believes we should be the same as other companies. In order to increase their profits, our wages and benefits are what need to be reduced. Members, be vocal back home in our plants about our belief in our proposals and what we deserve.

There is movement but not to the extent that we would consider adequate. As always, stay strong, stay united and get ready to fight!

-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 27, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

Today we reconvened with the company to work towards a contract. The whole time we have been in talks, the company has made it clear that they will eventually move product and plants away from bargaining unit employees in favor of Mexico, Canada or their plants in South America.

Today as some of you are aware, the company hung propaganda intended to create fear with our members into not fighting for what our membership sent us here to negotiate. This was done after the company told us that our members have expressed embarrassment to our local management over the proposals you all voted on to bring to the bargaining table. Rest assured there is no reason to feel any type of embarrassment for wanting what we feel is deserved.

Tensions continue to be high and headway slow. We will continue to bargain in good faith and work towards the goal of a contract that represents the sacrifices we all have made.


-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 24, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

We started out meeting with the company at 9am and it abruptly ended right before 3pm due to rising tensions in the room. We continue to struggle through our major issues with the company with no compromise in sight. We are not meeting again until Monday September 27, 2021. There will be no updates until then.

We have made little advancement this week and are hoping the break brings renewed clarity for a new contract. Stay strong and stay united!

-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 23, 2021

Brothers and sisters,

Today we met with the company 9am to 4pm. For the moment we have moved on from discussing our main issues to make an effort for movement in the right direction. We will continue to bargain in good faith towards a fair contract for all members.

As we are heading into the last day of the week, we ask you all to stay strong and stay united as we continue to fight for what we are owed, have earned and deserve.

-The Negotiation Committee

Contract Negotiations September 22, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

Met with the company from 9am to 4:15pm. They showed the following charts on hypothetical contracts compared to cost per kilo in Mexico and Canada. They also showed us our labor rate compared to other divisions within the company. Unfortunately, we are just as far apart today as we were yesterday.

-The Negotiation Committee

Cost Per Kilo Comparison

Fully Loaded Labor Rate

Contract Negotiations September 21, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

Started negotiations today at 9am ended at 4pm. Slow movement towards an agreement. Both sides are very far apart on key issues. We did reach agreements on a couple non-economical issues.

-The Negotiation Committee

Proposal Exchange September 9, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,
September 7-9, 2021 the Company and Union met in Arlington, Virginia. On September 8th, we exchanged proposals and on September 9th there was an outside contractor brought in to give a presentation on alternative work scheduling. 
We will meet again to start negotiations September 21, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
We are posting the Union’s as well as the Company’s proposals on this site. 
-The Negotiation Committee